1. What is Popgoes blog/website all about?
    Ans: Popgoes since 1999 – this website is a personal blog for entertainment, games and other popular things on the internet. We are not related to any other popgoes company or brands or animatronics. This is a solo blog/ website.

    This website is for sharing useful posts, images, videos and other tools and technology for the people. “
  2. Who can post articles here that goes viral?
    Ans: Any one can post useful or original posts here, simply contact us and we will be happy to assist you further.
  3. How old popgoes exist?
    Ans: We are here since 1999, and now recently – we are actively working on our platform to reach as many people as we can.
  4. Who own this amazing popgoes blog?
    Ans: Our edTech VEO
  5. How popgoes – Popular thing that goes viral?
    Ans: Please remember – things that are useful for masses, always goes viral. So, popular thing that goes viral is the thing that help people in many ways. And whether it is a product, service or any thing is it can solve a big problem it will be popgoes always.
  6. For sponsorship or any queries, you can contact us here.

( Listen to the FAQs – coming soon…)